Are you an inspired freelancer wishing you could get more people listening to your message and engaged with what you do?

Are you struggling to make an impact with social media?

Do you find yourself saying… “I just don’t get it!”

Do you wish you could work from the beach?

As a freelancer it is essential to get involved in social media and I intend to share with you what I’ve learnt that has allowed me to build my first website, Inspired Camping, and then establish a social media following from zero to over 5,000 in 12 months (commencing April 2012)… and those figures are still climbing.

The best bit is that followers of Inspired Camping are engaged and interacting across its social media accounts and website.

These aren’t empty seats, but real people paying attention. And lets just say it’s better to be part of a small crowd rather than in a large empty room.

Take a look and see for yourself over at the Inspired Camping accounts, which from April 2012 – April 2013 generated 5,000 followers):

Facebook (started Apr 2012)  Twitter (started Apr 2012)

Pinterest (started Apr 2012)  Google+ (started Feb 2013)

I don’t pay anyone to do anything with my social media. I do it all myself… and get this… I really enjoy it! I’ve also made some real friends along the way who I have met in person and who I now have business interests with. Some of them are even considered celebrities in their niche and will be giving inspirations right here over the coming months.

If social media is done in the right way then it is one of the best parts of being freelance. In fact it can give you all of the following, and more:

  1. A place to find engaging, entertaining and original content on any subject;
  2. People you can interact with in a way that makes your day so much better;
  3. An audience to enjoy and appreciate your work;
  4. A network of like-minded people who can become friends;
  5. A source of information and advice to educate and inform you; and
  6. Possible future business clients and working relationships.

If you are finding any of this difficult there are key techniques and tools you can use to make it easier.

Want to know what they are?

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